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First, stop using your bedroom for any activity that is not relaxing, like working or paying bills. This will help you keep paperwork and other annoying but necessary clutter out of your room. Next, add 10 to 15 minutes to your daily routine to tidy up the room. Start by making your bed every morning. Before getting ready for bed at night, make sure all the dirty laundry is in the hamper and other clothes are returned to their hangers. Make an extra effort to put away items like jewelry or books when you are finished with them or use dedicated cleaning time to put the items away.

If this is the only change you make, it will have the biggest impact! Elsa Elbert Composed Living. Use this guide and checklist to learn how to declutter a bedroom. Steps for Decluttering a Bedroom Step 1. Ask yourself these questions while decluttering bedroom surfaces: Do you use it every day? If not, move it to a new room. Does the item help you create a relaxing space? If not, relocate it.


Does it belong in your bedroom? Step 2. Does your top sheet always end up on the floor? Do you find throw pillows annoying? Do you usually make your bed with two blankets but really only need one? Step 3. Organize Drawers and Closets Starting with your dresser, dump drawers one at a time on a flat surface, like your newly made bed.

Donate these to a thrift store or charity. Throw away clothes that are past their prime. Pull out off-season items and consider storing them outside of the bedroom. Step 5. Wipe walls.

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Pull everything out from under your bed, sort and return items to their correct homes. Wash windows and wipe blinds. Sweep and vacuum. Add Extra Bedroom Storage The best way to keep your bedroom organized is to make sure everything has a home. Bedroom Organization Hacks: Use the back of your closet door for storage by adding hooks. Take advantage of under-the-bed space with flat boxes or built-in drawers. Keep flat surfaces clear of jewelry by adding trays, bowls or boxes that add beauty and hide clutter.

Add shoe racks or overhead shelving to create more closet space. Purchase nightstands with drawers and shelves to hide items.

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Add a chest for throw pillows and extra blankets. Use dividers to keep your drawers separated into organized sections. Are you keeping your bedroom free of clutter? Tell us how in the comments. Related Posts. May 22, 0. March 27, 0. Extending paint from the walls up onto the eaves and overhead makes this top-floor room extra cozy.

11 Hacks To Make Your Bedroom A Total Sanctuary

The blue hue and yellow bedding prove opposites attract too. To add personality to a neutral bedroom, bring in texture, advises interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. Make sure your new panels are long enough to just hit the floor or sill, and pick ones at least twice as wide as the width of the window.

Use painter's tape and a level to mark a rectangle on the wall, apply two coats of paint, then peel tape away. Sweet dreams! Dark corners, be gone. Here's a tip on laying it out perfectly: Start by gathering the art on the floor to find the perfect arrangement, says HGTV's Nicole Curtis. Then snap a photo with your smartphone.

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Stress-Free Oasis

Trace each frame onto a piece of paper and cut it out, using a level and painter's tape to test the cutouts on the wall before you hang. What better way to wake up to natural light than right next to a window? If you've got big ones, take full advantage by positioning your bed directly underneath and you'll become a morning person in no time.

It's your space, so go all in with a richly upholstered headboard, wooly sheepskin rug, and cozy accents that make it feel like a true retreat. Metal hanging frames make it easy to swap in new photos, mementos, and artwork when you're ready for a change of pace.

Don't forget about reading lights! This pair of sconces illuminates a rustic, light-filled bedroom once the sun goes down. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Fill with Greenery. A vibrant palm leaf acts as a piece of artwork in this beachy bohemian room. Simon Whitmore. Think Global. Mark Scott. Double Up on Rugs. World Market. Swap Out Hardware. Adam Macchia. Paint an Accent Wall. Try on a Trend. Tessa Neustadt. Try a Daybed. Invest in a Pretty Hamper. Dustin Walker. Bring in Flowers. A floral painting, pillow, or even a vase filled with a few blooms instantly freshens any space. Go with a Luxe Sheet Set. Follow the Rule of Threes.

Bring in Baskets. Victoria pearson. Woolly Rug. Painted Floors. Try Cement Plant Stands. Emily Gilbert. Clutter-Free Set-Up. Aimee Herring.