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It's the all-brain processes that add value to a company. This is a product that GM is having manufactured by a U. This is a vehicle that was not only created by a team of engineers, but which is being manufactured by a group of people, as well. But as the company has grown, he can't keep track of all of the names. He noted that on more than one occasion while walking the floor recently, he's asked people for their names while engaging them in conversation.

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There are no visible boundaries, in a sense. This was a fast program. A program that consumers have indicated meets the requirement of the new GM mantra: "Gotta-have vehicles. This is a program that has resulted in a vehicle that Cowger proudly proclaimed, "Exceeded my expectations. It is a vehicle that was created by a new way of work. One that truly leveraged value-adding brainpower. One that may be indicative of the way things are going to be done at GM. There is enthusiasm evinced by the engineers and the manufacturing people and the marketing people and all others associated with the H2.

Which is completely understandable more about that in a moment. In some regards, the Hummer is an automotive icon in the sense that the Corvette is. And what automotive engineer wouldn't want to work on something like that?

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Cowger said that he is seeing more enthusiasm within GM's ranks today than he has ever seen before. But even among the engineers who are working on the bread-and-butter vehicles, not just comparatively niche vehicles like the H2? This is niche because the plant capacity is 40, on two shifts—even the Corvette plant puts out more units. But we're getting there.

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If this is a vehicle that represents a new way of doing work at GM, then let's look at some aspects of the vehicle's development. Ken Lindensmith, H2 assistant vehicle line executive, said that in order to get the project done so quickly, they had to "break some rules," do some things that others weren't doing. This was aided by the facts that 1 it was an isolated program and 2 there was an isolated manufacturing plant where it was being built.

He described it as a "lean" program that not only utilized the expertise in product and process development know-how of EDAG one of only three companies that has received a GM Worldwide Supplier of the Year Award during the 10 years the program has existed , but tapped into GM's smarts when necessary e. While there is an increasing amount of math-based design and processing being done on the new vehicles that are being developed and produced, the H2, Lindensmith said, is the first full-math product. One of the clever things that the engineers did in developing the H2 was to borrow components from GM's line of full-sized pickups and its full-sized sport utilities.

For example, the seat frames used in the H2 are the same that are used in the GM full-sized trucks, but Bill Knapp, who headed up the engineering for the H2, noted that the form, trim, and outside are unique. When you look at the gage cluster, all of the individual gages are in the same places as they are on the full-sized trucks, but the graphics—what the customer sees—are unique to the H2.

Zero Space: Moving Beyond Organizational Limits

They borrowed things like control arms and steering knuckles. Note how the differences are in the places that the customer can see. And there are places where there is a modification to something that exists.

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With the H2 being about halfway between the Tahoe and the Suburban in size, its prop shaft is proportionately sized: but the two ends are common. This was a whole lot faster—and more efficient—than starting from a clean sheet. The AM General guys had H1s. The issue was to get a clear understanding of what a vehicle would be expected to do in order to be called a "Hummer.

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The AM General people wanted to make sure that GM people truly understood what their icon brand is all about: They wanted to make sure that the yet-to-be developed H2 wasn't just a slightly bulked-up truck. Lindensmith recalled that at the end of the day, the AM General folks were impressed with some of the feats that the GM products could perform.

And the GM folks were similarly taken with the H1s. And so, Lindensmith observed, when the H2 was engineered, it was to not only be capable of providing a smooth ride along the highways and through the school parking lots, but also on rugged terrain—without the need for a visit to a repair shop.

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    Zero Space: Moving Beyond Organizational Limits

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