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The story is hilarious to small children — another good choice for youngsters who want a cheery introduction to the world of "scary. Can clever mice outwit a cat named Scary Cat who invites himself to a mouse Halloween feast? Margie Palatini is always fun to read aloud, and this punny tale about a fizzled fairy godmother who finds herself out of work is no exception. This one is about a witch in search of plump piggies for her next pie, but the alert swine are on to her in time, and dress up as cows, ducks, chickens, and even the farmer, in order to fool her.

When a hungry wolf heads to the farm seeking the same meal, he and the foiled witch meet up, with a surprise ending. Another older title, and one of my all-time favorite Halloween picture books, is Hogula: Dread Pig of Night , by Jean Gralley ages Can Elvis Ann and Hogula become friends? Only if they agree not to snort or kissyface each other.

Another top-notch read-aloud for groups of kids. Or for one special kid at bedtime. As her little brother and some appropriately Halloween-y animals bat, cat, owl watch, she tries and fails, picks herself up and tries again.

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Then, in a breathtaking moment, she rises into the air. Ages Taking a turn from the lyrical to the loud, Horrid Henry and the Scary Sitter has a very funny Halloween story among its four sections. Author Francesca Simon and illustrator Tony Ross clearly take enormous pleasure in their horrid hero and his terrible behavior—and so do kids ages Amy and Clarissa, best friends, have created a whole world on drawing paper, in which a terrible old witch is banished or "banquished," as one of the girls likes to say to live on the top of a glass hill and allowed out only once a year to haunt people on Halloween night.

The old witch gets lonely, so she sends Malachi, a spelling bumblebee, down the hill to ask Amy and Clarissa to send her some company. The girls create a little witch family for her, consisting of a witch their own age as well as a "teeny witchie" baby. Basil E. Frankweiler won the gold medal. Elizabeth is new to town and meets a mysterious girl in her class who says she is a witch. They start with small spells, which Jennifer insists have worked. Yep — I wrote two this year. O ne itsy, bitsy spider scared that curd-chewing, tuffet-sitting Hag? That moon beam shines right through her.

Ghost clicked off the light and stacked her sheets. Spider unsnapped his web from the porch and rolled it into a ball. Witch doused the flames under her simmering brew as a cloud of bats blanketed the Moon. Moon struggled free from the bat wrappings. She lit a path towards town.

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They delivered the tasty treats to costumed kids throughout the town. Posted in Susanna Hill's Contests , Uncategorized. Tagged Ghost , Halloween , Moon , Spider. As nights become longer and Halloween looms, my thoughts turn to things-that-go-bump in the night. Title : The Darkest Dark. An important and very busy astronaut. I well remember Apollo 11 and those first steps on the moon am I dating myself? With their blue-gray, moody palette, the Fan Brothers are the perfect choice to illustrate this story.

Befitting a book about darkness, the palette is understandably dark. As befitting a book about an historical occurrence, the illustrations at times are granular, much like the s television images of the first steps on the moon. The story follows a typical arc: MC wants something, overcomes a problem, and changes. By focusing on this one childhood weakness and showing how he overcame it, Chris offers a way for children to think about overcoming their own fears and realizing their dreams.

I think this broadens the scope, and market, of the book beyond the particulars of an astronaut and space, to encompass all dreaming children who overcome fear to realize their dreams. Leave a comment. Posted in Perfect Picture Books , Uncategorized.


Tagged darkness , dreams , fears , first steps on the moon , History , space exploration. Something about the survival of a story through multiple generations of kids, and parents, fascinates me. Title : Little Red Cuttlefish. Illustrated By : Kate Gotfredson. Atlantis, B. White Haul Wildcats: Solar Strike. The Crimson Teardrop. Devil Dogs. The Fifth Horseman. Diver Down! North Pole. The Eidolon Offramp. Boo Who? Dream Taker: The Garden of Eve. Crash Cogburn and the Video Warriors.

The Wizard's Second Foolish Kiss. Cat Patrol Delta, Episode 1: Earthfall. Cat Patrol Delta, Episode 7: Rescue! Tom the Target-Tailed Turkey. The Christmas Pest.

h"Halloween Recipes & amp; Crafts," by Christine Lyseng Savage, Rosa Poulin and Tamara

Lunar Command: Condition Orange. A Birthday Surprise. Outward Bound. Gateway: Left Behind. The Fourth Strike. Song of the Canary. The Europa Connection. Prometheus Denied.

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