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By Ruth Plumly Thompson. The Royal Book of Oz. The Scarecrow, going on a quest to find his family tree, slides down a magic bean-pole and discovers he is actually the Emperor of the mysterious underground Silver Islands. When Dorothy discovers him missing, she sets out to find him, meeting the knight, Sir Hokus of Pokes , along the way.

Although Baum was credited as the author, it was written entirely by Thompson. Kabumpo in Oz. During Prince Pompadore of Pumperdink's birthday celebration a magic scroll is found inside his birthday cake. It warns him that if he does not wed a "proper princess" within seven days, his entire kingdom will disappear. The prince, along with the old, wise elephant Kabumpo , the Elegant Elephant, set off on an adventure to the Emerald City and along the way meet up with Peg Amy, a living wooden doll, and Wag, a giant rabbit.

Meanwhile, Ruggedo the Gnome King Thompson "corrected" Baum's spelling "Nome" turns himself into a giant while tunneling under the Emerald City, gets Ozma's palace stuck on his crown, and runs off with it. The Cowardly Lion of Oz. The tyrant Mustafa of Mudge, who has a large collection of captive lions, uses magic to compel an American circus clown, Notta Bit More, and orphan Bobbie Downs, or Bob Up, to capture the Cowardly Lion for his collection. At the same time, the Cowardly Lion finds that the courage he received from the Wizard in the first book of the series has worn off and that he is cowardly again, and he sets out to find a very brave man, intending to obtain that man's courage and become brave again, by eating him.

Grampa in Oz. Prince Tatters of Ragbag and Grampa, a former soldier, set out to search for King Fumbo's lost head and a fortune to save the kingdom. Meanwhile, in Perhaps City in the Maybe Mountains the Princess Pretty Good disappears after the prophet Abrog foresees her marrying a monster if she does not marry in four days. The Lost King of Oz. Old Mombi from The Marvelous Land of Oz is now a cook in the land of Kimbaloo, and one day comes across Pajuka, the former prime minister of Oz, whom she enchanted into a goose years before.

She sets out to find Princess Ozma's lost father Pastoria , the former king of Oz, whom she had also enchanted. Meanwhile, Dorothy is accidentally transported to Hollywood , where she meets Humpy, a live stunt dummy, whom she brings back to Oz. The Hungry Tiger of Oz. They escape, and have many adventures on the way back to Oz. The Gnome King of Oz. The two escape to Oz, which the Gnome King plans to conquer. Meanwhile, Scraps, the Patchwork Girl, is kidnapped by the Quilties and made their queen. The Giant Horse of Oz. Many years ago, before Dorothy came to Oz, the royal family of the Munchkins were kidnapped and imprisoned on the mysterious Ozure Islands by the witch Mombi.

Quiberon, an evil monster created by Mombi, guards them, but now wants a mortal maiden. Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz. The two set off for the Emerald City, but take a wrong turn and end up in the Quadling Country, where they meet products of Mogodore, Red Baron of Baffleburg's plot to conquer Oz and marry Ozma, including Belfaygor of Bourne , with his beard cursed to rapid growth, and Snif the Iffin, a griffin who has lost his "grr. The Yellow Knight of Oz. Sir Hokus of Pokes grows bored with life in the Emerald City, and he and the Comfortable Camel set out for some adventure.

Meanwhile, a boy named Speedy blasts his way to Oz in a homemade rocket ship, where he finds himself in the underground kingdom of Subterranea. Sir Hokus rescues the Princess Marygolden and finds a shift in his identity and learns that his memories of Merrie Olde England are false. Pirates in Oz. The former Gnome King, now a mute outcast wandering peddler, regains his ability to speak, becomes King of the small kingdom of Menankypoo, enlists a gang of pirates and a clever magician, and attempts once again to conquer the land of Oz.

Meanwhile, Peter returns to Oz for a third time, and in the company of a deposed king and a pirate chief whose pirates have abandoned him for being soft-hearted, sails around the Nonestic Ocean visiting small islands. They are joined by Pigasus the flying pig. The Purple Prince of Oz. When the royal family of Pumperdink is enchanted by an evil fairy, Kabumpo and young Prince Randy of Regalia traveling incognito escape, and ultimately rescue the kingdom with the help of Red Jinn. In the process, Randy accomplishes the tasks which the Kingdom of Regalia requires of its princes as proof of manhood and strong character.

Ojo from The Patchwork Girl of Oz is captured by Gypsies, who plan to exchange him for a large bounty which a mysterious magician is offering to anyone who can capture and deliver him. He escapes with fellow captive Snufferbux the dancing bear, and falls in with Realbad, the leader of a group of bandits. Speedy in Oz. Speedy from The Yellow Knight of Oz returns for another adventure. While inspecting a dinosaur skeleton, Speedy is blown by a geyser into the air.

The skeleton comes magically to life and becomes Terrybubble, a live although fleshless dinosaur. Terrybubble and Speedy land on Umbrella Island, a magic floating island, which has been captured by a giant. The Wishing Horse of Oz. This Oz mystery starts in Skampavia where King Skamperoo wishes for a horse using enchanted emerald necklaces.

When Chalk, the Wishing Horse of Oz, falls from the sky, Skamperoo decides the emeralds must be from the Emerald City, and decides to conquer all of Oz. Captain Salt in Oz. Captain Salt from Pirates in Oz sails the Nonestic Ocean and discovers Ozamaland, a legendary land of flying animals, as well as the famous White City of Om and many other places.

Handy Mandy in Oz. Mandy from Mt. Mern is a Mernite, a race of seven-handed people. One day, while Mandy is trying to gather her goats, the rock she is standing on is blown into the air and into Oz. This is also the last appearance of Ruggedo, the Gnome King. The Silver Princess in Oz. Before long, they meet Planetty, the lovely Princess from Anuther Planet, and her fire-breathing Thundercolt, Thun, and set off on more adventures.

Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard decides to create ozoplanes for his friends which can fly into the stratosphere. The phrase "The Wizard of Oz" was included in the title to coincide with the release of the film The Wizard of Oz.

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By John R. The Wonder City of Oz. Jenny Jump captures a leprechaun and forces him to make her into a fairy, but he only does half the job before escaping. Jenny then jumps to Oz using her half-fairy gifts. She soon sets up a fashionable Style Shop with a magic turnstile which will give anyone high style and challenges Ozma to an ozlection to become ruler of the Land of Oz. The Scalawagons of Oz. The Wizard creates Scalawagons, intelligent cars that can also fly. He makes Tik-Tok superintendent of the Scalawagons Factory, but the mechanical man runs down.

Bell Snickle , a mysterious creature, takes advantage of Tik-Tok's condition by filling the scalawagons with "flabber-gas" and the Wizard nearly loses his scalawagons. Lucky Bucky in Oz.

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Bucky is aboard a tugboat in New York Harbor when the boiler blows up. He is soon blown into the Nonestic Ocean where he meets Davy Jones, a wooden whale. The pair travel to the Emerald City, and have many watery adventures along the way. By Jack Snow. The Magical Mimics in Oz. During Ozma's absence, the evil Mimics escape their imprisonment on Mount Illuso and use their magic to take the form of others and attempt to conquer Oz.

Girl Under Glass (Glass and Iron Series)

The Shaggy Man of Oz. It is discovered that the love magnet, which was owned by the Shaggy Man from The Road to Oz , has broken, and only its creator, the evil Conjo, can fix it. Meanwhile, Twink and Tom are pulled through their television to the Isle of Conjo in the Nonestic Ocean along with the wooden clown Twiffle. Soon the Shaggy Man arrives and saves them from Conjo.

By Rachel R. The Hidden Valley of Oz. Jam, a boy from Ohio, builds a kite and attaches it to a crate and sets off to Oz with his two guinea pigs, Pinny and Gig, and a lab rat named Percy. Once in Oz, Jam realizes his pets can talk. He lands in the Hidden Valley and becomes a prisoner, but they escape and set out on adventures with the Tin Woodman.

Merry Go Round in Oz. Upon landing, Robin must help find the missing magic Circlets of Halidom. Subsequent books published by the International Wizard of Oz Club. The Enchanted Island of Oz. David B. Perry and his talking camel Humpty Bumpty find themselves on Kapurta, an island stranded in the sky. David must supply the magic to move the island and visit the Emerald City in time for the Cowardly Lion's birthday party.

The Forbidden Fountain of Oz. Ozma takes a sip from limeade made from the Forbidden Fountain, forgets who she is and disappears. As the androgynous Poppy, she befriends reformed unsuccessful bandit Tobias Bridlecull, Jr. Kabumpo sets out to rescue her, but he believes Toby to be a kidnapper, so she does not want to be saved.

The Ozmapolitan of Oz. The International Wizard of Oz Club. Septimius Septentrion is three weeks into a job as a printer at the Ozmapolitan in the Emerald City of Oz. A chance meeting with Princess Dorothy leads to a plan to drum up news to promote the sleepy Ozite newspaper.

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Accompanied by a mifket named Jinx and Dorothy's cat Eureka, "Tim" and Dorothy embark on a cross-country trip through the Winkie Country. The plan is to meet the Scarecrow at his corncob-shaped residence; but the plan quickly goes awry. The Wicked Witch of Oz. Singra , the Wicked Witch of the South, awakens after a year nap and decides to make up for all the wickedness she missed out on.

Dorothy and friends must try and stop her before she destroys the Emerald City. The Hidden Prince of Oz.

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Published in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of L. Toto sets out for the deep, dark Gillikin forests to find the beasts who stole his growl. Eventually he meets an aristocratic guinea pig, the poet Sonny, a plaid Hoot Owl, and two visitors from Kentucky. Joining forces, the adventurers soon realize that some mysterious magic is the cause of their misfortunes and the key to unraveling the secret of strange disappearances.

The Emerald Wand of Oz.

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Tinker in Oz. The Giant Garden of Oz. Uncle Henry and Aunt Em finally get a farm of their own, but find themselves in trouble when their produce becomes giant. The Unknown Witches of Oz. This book chronicles the mystery of the Good Witch of the North, who was the very first person that Dorothy spoke to when she first arrived in Oz. Dave Hardenbrook reconciles L. Frank Baum's original version of the character with Ruth Plumly Thompson's subsequent version. The Rundelstone of Oz. The Troopadours are travelling entertainers.

When they reach the village of Whitherwood in the Gillikin Country, they are enchanted by a malicious magician called Slyddwyn. In a time long before Dorothy Gale first visited the Land of Oz, three children travel through the magical land in search of their lost parents. Along the way they befriend a bunnymunch, a clockwork squirrel, good witches, and many others who help them after they inadvertently release a wicked witch. Two of Oz's enemies return and the Rainbow's daughter Polychrome brings a traveler from the mortal world to help them.

It had none of the characters from the official Oz books, though briefly mentioned the Wizard. The Wizard of the Emerald City. Alexander Volkov. Volkov's original adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. Ellie, 9, and her puppy Totoshka are carried in a hurricane to the Magic Land. After the first shock of the beauty of the land and Totoshka's sudden gift of wise speech, they meet the Fairy of the Yellow Land, Villina, who tells them that she has allowed their house to be taken by the wind to land on the head of Gingema, the Wicked Witch of the Blue Land, and kill her.

He is supposed to bring Ellie back home to her parents if she fulfills the greatest wishes of three creatures that she will meet on the way.

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  • They set off, Ellie wearing the silver shoes that Totoshka has found in Gingema's house. They meet Strashila the scarecrow, who dreams of having a brain, The Iron Woodman, who dreams of a heart, and the Cowardly Lion, who dreams about courage. This novel is nearly the same as the original, with a few changes and additions. The first of Volkov's sequels, all of which have nearly nothing to do with Baum's.

    In this one, set one year after the events in the first novel, Urfin Dzhus, a former servant of Gingema, discovers a magical powder that brings things to life. He then creates an army of wooden soldiers and sets off to conquer the Magic Land. Ellie with Totoshka and her uncle, the wooden-legged seaman Charlie Black, set off through the desert and the mountains to help their friends. Trapped in a huge cave after a collapse, Ellie, now 11, Totoshka and Ellie's cousin Fred 13 are forced to move further into the cave. They end up in the underground of the Magic Land, in the Land of the Seven Kings of the Underground, which is currently caught up in a serious political crisis.

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    • The people recognize Ellie as the Fairy of the Killing House and keep her hostage, forcing her to use her magical powers to restore the Magical Spring of Sleepy Water that keeps the order in the country. It is up to Fred now to find a way out to seek help from Ellie's friends. A giant witch named Arachna wakes up after a 5, years' sleep. She wishes to rule the Magic Land, but seeing that the people would not surrender, sends on them an eerie Yellow Fog that threatens to bring eternal winter and poison all the people, eventually causing mass death and destruction.

      The people of the Magic Land Once seal rooms to hide inside and use the leaves of a certain tree as gas mask, but this cannot last forever. Charlie builds a giant piloted robot who defeats the witch. Vintage Providence Providence, Hour 2 Unique Antiques Cats and Dogs Appraised by: Simeon Lipman. Vintage Providence Survivors Providence, Hour 2 Appraised by: Bruce M.

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      Category: Tribal Arts. Vintage Providence Providence, Hour 1 Appraised by: Nicholas D. Appraisal Dunlap Chest-on-Chest, ca. Appraised by: Ronald Bourgeault. Category: Furniture. Vintage Providence Our 50 States Part 2 Appraised by: Philip Weiss. Category: Sports Memorabilia. Vintage Providence Providence, Hour 3 Appraisal L. Appraised by: Francis J. Forever Young Appraised by: Eric Silver. Vintage Providence Mansion Masterpieces Appraised by: Rafael Eledge. Tasty Treasures Appraised by: Alasdair Nichol. Appraisal Breguet Watch with Fob, ca. Appraised by: Kevin Zavian.

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