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No matter how you feel, no matter what's happening in your head right now, you are not broken. You are a unique collection of talents and dreams and wants and surprises, and you have an entire lifetime ahead of you — aren't you curious to discover just how awesome life can be?

This book takes you inside your own head, out into the world and everywhere your dreams may take you. There's a lot to learn, but one lesson is clear: never be afraid to shine.

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Stand up, stand out and be spectacular — whatever that means to you. Diary of a Brilliant Kid gives you the map and compass so you can start your own journey today. Got goals? This empowering guide shows how to tackle your to-dos with confidence and enthusiasm so that you can transform anxiety into accomplishment. Procrastination, insecurity, and negative thinking can get in the way as well. Rachel Simmons has been researching young women for two decades, and her research plainly shows that girl competence does not equal girl confidence — nor does it equal happiness, resilience, or self-worth.

Backed by vivid case studies, Simmons warns that we have raised a generation of young women so focused on achieving that they avoid healthy risks, over think setbacks, and suffer from imposter syndrome, believing they are frauds. As they spend more time projecting an image of effortless perfection on social media, these girls are prone to withdraw from the essential relationships that offer solace and support and bolster self-esteem.

Deeply empathetic and meticulously researched, Enough As She Is offers a clear understanding of this devastating problem and provides practical parenting advice — including teaching girls self-compassion as an alternative to self-criticism, how to manage over thinking, resist the constant urge to compare themselves to peers, take healthy risks, navigate toxic elements of social media, prioritize self-care, and seek support when they need it. Enough As She Is sounds an alarm to parents and educators, arguing that young women can do more than survive adolescence.

They can thrive. Enough As She Is shows us how. Feel Confident! Getting good grades, making and breaking up with friends, and figuring out what being an adult looks like — these are just some of the challenges that can weigh down on teens. Feeling Better CBT Workbook for Teens teaches teens how to untangle the negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that can trick them into feeling anxious or sad and make it hard to do the things they want to.

Through interactive exercises that tackle common issues at home, work, or with friends, this book gives teens the tools they need to deal with anything life throws their way. Self-esteem not only plays a major role in a child's success or failure in school and in social situations but also influences how the child views the world.

Drawing from his experience as a lifelong educator, Robert D. Ramsey provides valuable advice and information on building self-esteem in children. From aviation pioneers to leading scientists and gold-medal athletes to princesses, these incredible stories are perfect for bedtimes and on the go!

Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver. Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver is the beautifully illustrated tale of a young boy who lives in a magical rainforest. Freddie goes on a journey of discovery as learns how to let go of his fears, become part of a loving world, and create the life of his dreams.

Even though Gilly the Giraffe has many wonderful things in her life, she sometimes lacks confidence. Why does she have to stand out so much with her long neck, her long black tongue and her mosaic patches? Why do some of the other animals point and laugh at her? Can it be possible to be different and to be cool?

This activity book developed by expert child psychologist Dr Karen Treisman combines a colourfully illustrated therapeutic story about Gilly the Giraffe to help start conversations, which is followed by a wealth of creative activities for children to explore and build upon some of the ideas raised in the story, and beyond! The activities are accompanied by extensive advice and practical strategies for parents, carers and professionals on how to help children aged boost their self-esteem and confidence. Life is full of challenges — some we master and some, well This sweet tale teaches everyone that while we may experience failure, the failure does not define who we are.

Growing up isn't always easy — your brain is changing and there's many things to cope with from new emotions to stress. This book explores what is self-esteem and mental health and why it's important and looks at topics such as mental illness, phobias, eating disorders and self-harm. It looks at techniques to deal with issues including stress reduction, mindfulness and assertiveness.

Packed with activities and helpful advice, this resource is designed for professionals working to help adolescents and adults break the destructive cycle of low self-esteem. This fully updated new edition of Deborah Plummer's popular resource is filled with practical ideas for building healthy self-esteem. Easy-to-use photocopiable activity sheets encourage participants to use existing skills and develop new techniques to nurture confidence and feelings of self-worth.

These are complemented by relaxation and breath control exercises, and expanded theoretical chapters that explains what healthy self-esteem is, why people may have low self-esteem and the consequences that can result from it. Suitable for work with individuals and groups in a wide range of educational and therapeutic settings, this resource will prove indispensable to teachers, speech and language therapists, professionals working in adult education centres, counsellors at schools and universities, social workers and other individuals working with young people.

Author Jerry Wilde has used his experience as a school psychologist to create a workbook that is proven effective in giving kids the tools to break out of the rut of feeling bad. Kids will learn:. But often, the biggest threat to your confidence is your own inner critic — whose unrelenting negativity can result in feelings of inadequacy, depression, and anxiety. This must-have guide offers real ways to help you fight back, be kind to yourself, and move forward with confidence. This book unlocks the mystery of the most important relationship you will ever have—the one with yourself!

So, get ready to find your true inner voice. A kinder, gentler one that will support you as you reach for your goals and create the fabulous life you were meant to live. This is a gorgeous, lyrical ode to loving who you are, respecting others, and being kind to one another. We are all here for a purpose. We are more than enough. We just need to believe it. I Am Loved: a Poetry Collection. There is nothing more important to a child than to feel loved, and this gorgeous gathering of poems written by Nikki Giovanni celebrates exactly that.

Hand-selected by Newbery honoree Ashley Bryan, he has, with his masterful flourish of color, shape, and movement, added a visual layering that drums the most important message of all to young, old, parent, child, grandparent, and friend alike: You are loved. You are loved. As a bonus, one page is mirrored, so children reading the book can see exactly who is loved — themselves! I Like Me! Is the classic tale of an endearing young pig who feels good about herself and her life.

Written by popular children's author and illustrator Nancy Carlson, it is a book that delights children and adults again and again. Celebrate liking yourself! Through alternating points of view, a girl's and a boy's, Jamie Lee Curtis's triumphant text and Laura Cornell's lively artwork show kids that the key to feeling good is liking yourself because you are you. This picture book tells the story of a young turkey who doesn't like her "gobble gobble" and has grave self-doubts.

Then one day, her "gobble gobble" saves her friend and she sees that she is unique and valuable. Some girls think they are badly drawn. They worry about their height, their hair, their size. Some worry about everything. But Ink-Blot? The Inner-Beauty Secret.

Kids are constantly bombarded with messages from the media about the importance of physical beauty. They start comparing themselves to each other and celebrities at a very young age, which causes lower self-esteem.

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This book can be used in small group counseling sessions, or it can be read as a single story to and entire class to teach Character Education. The paperback version includes discussion questions, inner-beauty tips for parents and educators and a list of other resources including a link to reproducible worksheets and lesson plans to use with the story.

Kids will love the interactivity, animation, great sound effects and narration of the story. Also included are reproducible worksheets and lesson plans. There are so many fun things to play with at Jamie's new preschool — baby dolls to care for, toy cars to drive — and Jamie wants to play with them all! But the other children are confused Some toys are just for girls and others are just for boys, aren't they?

Not according to Jamie! Jamie Is Jamie challenges gender stereotypes, shows readers that playing is fundamental to learning, and reinforces the idea that all children need the freedom to play unencumbered. A special section for teachers, parents, and caregivers provides tips on how to make children's playtime learning time. Jasmine Can: Creating Self-Confidence. Raising her hand to read in front of the class is something that Jasmine would never do. While other classmates breeze through the pages of books, Jasmine finds it difficult to read. But with the help of a special friend, Jasmine finds the confidence she needs to take a chance.

Jenneli loves having fun with Grandma Lucee, listening to fiddle music and learning the steps to the Jig, until one day, Grandma Lucee enters Jenneli into a jigging contest at the Lakeside Fair. Jenneli is scared and excited, but with Grandma Lucee's encouragement, love and support, Jenneli places her self-doubts and fears aside to dance in the contest. Julia Morphs and Learns to Accept Herself. Julia is not happy with her looks. Her friend Abena the rabbit is thin and does great in ballet. Julia thinks she would be better off if she was thin and small like her friend. She sits in front of her wishing mirror one night and wishes so hard that she could look more like her friend.

That night the wishing fairy does his magic and Julia morphs!

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  • The next day she looks very different and is excited to show everyone her new look. Abena reminds Julia of all the things she could do so well before her change. Julia then realizes she liked her old self better. The important thing is to be happy with yourself and not compare your looks with others. Our culture is focused so much on body image. When you look in the mirror, are you unhappy with the girl who is staring back? Do you ever avoid doing things because you are uncomfortable with who you are or how you look?

    Is your world changing and leaving you feeling sad or mad or confused without you quite knowing why? Is it just a little tough right now to see what a beautiful, amazing girl you are? You live in a crazy time. There are so many things in your world that can affect how you feel about yourself — everything from the friends you have, to the advertising that you see, to the social media that you use. Some things that can influence your self-image might be obvious, but some you might not have thought of before.

    And that is the point of this book — to get you to open your eyes to the world around you and start thinking about how all of the things you encounter each day actually shape how you feel about yourself. And hopefully, along the way, to help you to discover that despite all of the outside noise, you have a choice. You can choose to look into that mirror with confidence and be proud of the girl staring back. But as children grow older and begin thinking about the world in more complex ways, they also become more self-critical.

    Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem

    Alarmingly, studies show that self-esteem, for many children, takes a sharp drop starting around age eight, and this decline continues into the early teen years. So, how can you turn the tide on this upsetting trend and help your child build genuine self-esteem? When kids are less focused on evaluating and comparing themselves with others, they are freer to empathize with others, embrace learning, and connect with the values that are bigger than themselves. Connection involves building meaningful and satisfying relationships that create a sense of belonging. Competence means building tangible skills.

    And choice is about being able to make decisions, figure out what matters, and choose to act in ways that are consistent with personal values. If your child is suffering from low self-esteem, you need a nuanced parenting approach. Let this book guide you as you help your child create unshakeable confidence and lasting well-being. Know Me. Pick any page and enter the Know Me journey to a place where differences are embraced, curiosity of others is encouraged and understanding is promoted. A place where true and lasting relationships are built. Know Me asks essential questions in the voice of a child.

    This empowering approach invites sharing between children and their peers, parents and teachers — anyone who cares to ask. Recommended for children ages 5 to 10 years. Whether you are a parent, a teacher or a helping professional, Know Me will get conversations started with its simple, direct prose and thought- provoking illustrations. Leila in Saffron. The stylishly illustrated Little People Big Dreams Learning Cards bring to vivid life 20 outstanding women from this internationally best-selling series — including famous scientists, writers, activists, artists, and adventurers.

    The front shows an illustration of the little dreamer with facts about where and when she was born, grew up, and died. The back tells you what she was like as a child, with details about her family life, favorite things, personality, and aspirations. Featuring 20 outstanding women from the internationally best-selling Little People, BIG DREAMS series — including famous scientists, writers, activists, artists, and adventurers — this stylishly illustrated matching game is an entertaining way to inspire and sharpen the minds of little dreamers everywhere.

    With three different ways to play, this game offers endless hours of fun and learning. In the Little People, Big Dreams series, discover the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists. All of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream. These inspiring and informative little biographies come with extra facts about each subject's life and work.

    Through positive and motivating text, Making a Difference assures children that they are important, and that what they do matters. Boost a child's confidence and sense of purpose as you read and affirm that their hopeful thoughts, kind words and good choices can make a difference to themselves and others. Making a Difference is a book that will help build social skills and character, teach life lessons to your children, and put them on a pathway to integrity, courtesy, respect, and purpose.

    Back pages include discussion questions, scenarios, games and role-play activities that help adults reinforce the book's positive message. Start your engines: the race is on! And Mama Lion and Tigey are off — with their cool goggles and snazzy sports car! Racing teams gather from far and wide for this madcap race. But who will win the trophy cup? Will it be the playful Flying Pandinis? The mischievous Knitted Monkey Crew? Or will Mama Lion and Tigey speed past the finish line in first place? As Tigey says, winning is winning, but sometimes the journey itself — filled with ineffable moments of mystery, beauty, and joy — is even more fun than getting the prize.

    Beautifully illustrated and written, each affirmation card carries a powerful message that when read over and over again, connects each child to their true being. When we help children reconnect with their true being, they manifest their magnificence in the world — this is the ultimate goal. Mindssage Colouring Books are a unique collection of uplifting affirmations compiled to induce a journey of relaxation, self-discovery, and mindfulness.

    By focusing on and colouring stunning visual imagery featuring empowering, feel-good messages, MINDSSAGE helps you to change the way you think and speak about yourself to build confidence, resilience, and elevate yourself to a higher consciousness. Minnie and Max are OK! Minnie has had a bad day at school.

    Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes - Children's Self Esteem Book Read Aloud - Storytime With Ms. Becky

    Some children made fun of her looks, and she wishes she was more like them. Max, Minnie's dog, wishes he looked different too. And he doesn't understand why Grandma doesn't like his singing! There, they see lots of children and dogs — all with different shapes, sizes, colours and special traits. If they all looked the same, would it be better or worse? Body image is an increasingly important issue for young children.

    This beautifully illustrated, confidence-boosting book will help encourage children aged to celebrate their strengths and embrace diversity. Included are questions that adults can ask to see how children relate to Minnie and Max's thoughts and feelings. Colourful, funny and uplifting, this book will help you make sure your child is OK with their body image!

    Quick Overview

    Do you ever feel bad about yourself or have trouble being yourself while still fitting in? Do you have tough questions you are afraid to ask? In this funny, honest book, teen mentor Debra Beck provides personal stories, quizzes, journaling exercises, and thoughts from teens themselves to help you develop your self-confidence. Learn how to make healthy decisions in the face of peer pressure, have strong relationships with family and friends, and respect and love yourself for who you are. This revised and updated edition also has new chapters on bullying and internet safety.

    On her way home from school, she seeks the guidance of her wise and comforting neighbor, Miss Tillie. Using the beautiful garden in her backyard as a metaphor, Miss Tillie shows Mackenzie that maintaining healthy hair is not a chore nor is it something to fear. But most importantly, Mackenzie learns that natural black hair is beautiful.

    Shaun is strong enough to know that even things that don't come easily can be mastered through determination and hard work. Learning to ride his two-wheeler with the help of his friend Nadia, he overcomes his fear and the teasing of the other children in the park and manages to impress friends and bullies alike. No Difference Between Us. Jess and Ben are twins. Explore with the children the important issues of gender equality and respectful relationships. Combining cheerful illustrations and a simple but effective narrative, this book will help children to understand that, fundamentally, there is no difference between us.

    This book encourages equality and respect for each other from the earliest of years. In order to reduce gender-based violence we need to teach gender equality and respectful relationships to young children. What better way than through a picture storybook? Only One You. Every Sunday, Pearla makes perfectly round cookies and tall, fluffy cupcakes at her dad's bakery. Pearla loves to bake, and she loves to see her customers enjoying her perfect creations.

    Until one day she makes a very big mistake! This colourful book will help children aged to cope when things don't quite go to plan.

    Amazing Grace

    Being an introverted child is difficult, especially in an ever-increasingly noisy world. Often viewed as aloof, unmotivated, or conceited, introverted children are deeply misunderstood by parents, educators, and even their peers. Presented in an easy-to-read, conversational style, the book uses real-world examples and stories from introverts and parents to show parents and educators how to help children develop resiliency and enhance the positive qualities of being an introvert. Photographs used as visual cues are linked to activities that enhance self-confidence and promote a more positive self-image.

    The combination of activities and creative options along with the visual cues of the photographs lay out an easy-to-follow groundwork for healthy and needed change. The Quiet Mind series is suitable for educators, mental health professionals, and parents looking for practical and creative ways to modify or diminish negative behaviors and symptoms. Boys need to be noticed, admired, understood, and accepted to feel good about themselves. Boys who lack appropriate emotional support from the adults close to them are at risk of believing they don't fit in and are likely to act accordingly, engaging in risky behaviors-including at worst using drugs and acting out violently.

    Girls need ample, loving demonstrations from adults close to them that they are appreciated and can be trusted to know what they need for themselves.

    Children’s Books about Self Esteem

    They also need to be given plenty of opportunity to develop their talents. Girls who lack sufficient emotional support may feel neglected and unworthy of attention, and easily find themselves at greater risk of exploitation and abuse, even as adults. When asked to draw a rain forest during art class, Regina is afraid of trying and failing, a feeling recognizable to all school-aged children. Social media, online ads, and glossy magazines make it look easy to be a teen — everyone seems to be laughing, sun-kissed, beautiful, surrounded by friends, and wearing the perfect clothes.

    You may struggle with not fitting in or being bullied. It is primarily designed for use with individuals and groups of children aged , but the ideas can easily be adapted for both older and younger children and children with learning difficulties. This fully photocopiable resource is invaluable for anyone looking for creative, practical ways of nurturing self-esteem in children.

    My favourite chapter was Chapter 2 - "Understanding Self Esteem'"which provided in depth and useful information. I will definitely be making good use of the information and ideas that I read about in this book…I think the book is an excellent resource that teaches ways of helping every child to build self esteem. I recommend it wholeheartedly to parents, childminders and professional childcare providers.

    It will be useful for professionals working to develop children's self-esteem and confidence. Allow Cookies. Log In. Advanced Search. Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem. Quick Overview This activities book will support teaching staff, therapists and carers in encouraging feelings of competence and self-worth in children and their families.

    It is primarily designed for use with individuals and groups of children aged , but the ideas can easily be adapted for older and younger children and children with learning difficulties. Be the first to review this product Email to a Friend. Description This second edition of the highly successful Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem is packed with fun and effective activities to help children develop and maintain healthy self-esteem.

    Reviews ' Praise for the second edition: 'The layout of the book is well planned. I particularly like: 1. Although it is primarily aimed at children aged seven to 11 years old, the ideas are designed to be flexible and easily adapted for children of different ages as well as those with disabilities. The author has tested the activities and some have examples of reactions children had to illustrate their effect. Deborah Plummer uses imagination and empowerment to move children and adults from discouragement to success.

    She shows again what people such as Ignatius Loyola and Virginia Satir knew - imagination can be a powerful tool for change.